More about the Magazine

More about the Magazine - More about the Magazine

RM Properties is a digital magazine created to talk about real estate, the property market, commercial and residential property sales, and rentals, along with everything related to it.

The Creator

Madeleine Browne is a building consultant who created this magazine back in 2018, as a way to keep track of all the little hacks and details she learned in her trade. Her career brought her into the real estate market as a by-product of her activities and she had to learn many new things, in order to be successful.

Collaborators and Team

The more she wrote for her little magazine, the more Madeleine realized she needed consultants and people that were more knowledgeable in the market than she was. Thanks to her job, she had an impressive network of professionals she ended up reaching out to looking for help with the articles she wanted to include in the magazine.

She ended up putting together a team made up of real estate professionals, property refurbishing experts, and writers who could give tips to make the articles more appealing. The need to publish more specialized articles here and there, has led her to include certain eventual collaborators that write about specific topics that are their strong suit.

Our Aspirations

The whole team that works behind RM Properties is constantly striving to improve and obtain more knowledge that will help readers interested in learning and getting better. We all understand that this is a highly fluctuating market with several considerations to keep in mind, as we are all embedded in it in some way.

With each post, we hope to reach the largest amount of people possible and change the way they do business in the real estate industry. All our advice and information shared in the magazine can be used as a tool to make better decisions or altogether change the way in which estate agents do business.

We want to reach both customers and real estate workers, as we feel that this industry runs smoother when everybody involved knows their way around the important nuances.

Our Readers

The magazine started to get a small but loyal reader-base as soon as we started including advice for everyone, as our people found that they could use what we were offering them. Our readers come from all walks of life and every corner of the world where you can access the internet. We keep growing and working for you, our readers.