7 Table Games for Your Real Estate Company Party

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Table games offer many benefits for a real estate company party such as promoting healthy competition and teamwork. Since you might be thinking of the more practical way to do it, you can invite everybody to join Unibet Table Games and play from their smartphones or laptops. Here are some of the games you can consider.


If you have employees that absolutely love skill games, then you should have them play a round of blackjack. Although the game’s rules are rather simple, you need to be good at strategy and everybody loves a game that gets them thinking.

7 Table Games for Your Real Estate Company Party poker - 7 Table Games for Your Real Estate Company Party

Video Poker

For employees that want to relax playing casino games,are hooked on slot games,andwish to learn how to play poker, this game is a real treat. The rules are simple, and strategy isn’t as needed as in Blackjack, as you simply have to end upwith the best five-card hand after discarding the ones that are useless to you.

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

This is great for some individual playing, to give your employees a break from all the competition amongst each other. There is no need to bluff, as you will be playing against the dealer alone whom you beat by having the higher ranked card. It’s simple and fun and an excellent way to get good laughs.


Since you can be looking for alternatives to blackjack that you and your employees are likely to love, you should consider this game. The rules are a bit more complicated but there is less need for a well-thought strategy, as you can win the game if you don’t bust and have a five-card hand. The downside is that, should you tie, the dealer gets the win.

Red Dog

For an easier card game, Red Dog is an option that has simple rules and strategy, as you win simply by having a middle card with a lower value than the third and a higher one than the first. You can add difficulty by increasing the number of dealt cards up to seven and the same rules will apply.


A chance table game where strategy isn’t needed and with very simple rules to play it. In order to win, youneed to say whether the player’s or banker’s hand is closer to nine or if there will be a tie. The player in question is referred to as Punto and the banker is called Banco.

Casino Hold ‘Em Poker

If most of you love poker but have a couple of people that are beginners in the game, Casino Hold ‘Em poker is a great way to get them started. The rules and strategy aren’t all that difficult and you only need to have a better hand than the dealer, but there are other bets that you can make as well.

Make your real estate company party a real hit by including these table games that are fit for every skill level and watch the attendees have fun while they train their skills and boost teamwork.

Keep in mind that all of these are available in online casinos, for an added value of being low cost and not having to hire a professional dealer.